AIDS & CONDOMS- A discussion by Cardinal Lozano

Cardinal Lozano Barragán said. “This discussion took place in John Paul II’s last months of life, but John Paul II was very, very conscious of these problems. I know it through personal experience, because I had access to him in this respect.”

“When the Holy Father Benedict XVI did me the favor of granting me an audience he told me that it would be appropriate to talk about this subject” among competent persons of the Holy See, the cardinal said. “It is a question of examining scientifically and morally how things are.”

The study responds first to the question: What guarantee exists to prevent infection with AIDS through a condom? A second question is: Is it morally licit to use a “technical” condom?

To respond to these two questions, the cardinal explained, “there are two important principles, which are the Sixth Commandment that says, ‘You will not commit impure acts,’ and the Fifth, which must always be taken into account: ‘You shall not kill.'”

“Both commandments must be taken into account,” he said. “But these are very general principles. The study is being done reflecting on the different opinions of experts on the application of both principles to the concrete case of the condom in these specific circumstances.

“The theologians give their opinions. We, as a council, cannot say, ‘I adopt this opinion.’ We contribute the existing opinions to the dialogue that, on the other hand, are known.”

Cardinal Lozano Barragán added: “The Holy Father will see the results of this dialogue and with the help he has from the Holy Spirit must tell us, if he wishes, where we must go. He might also think that it isn’t the appropriate moment to pronounce himself.

“I repeat: What I think and my commitment is simply to be an echo of what the Pope says. I don’t have a personal opinion as head of this dicastery. My official opinion is to reproduce exactly to the letter what the Pope says.”

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